Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Bought $140 Worth of Groceries for $45

Yes its true! I went to Walgreen's Yesturday and purchased $140 worth of stuff for $45. I was so excited. I had been researching sales/coupons etc. And I think I finally hit the jackpot. A friend at work has gotten me addicted to saving money now. But who wouldn't want to save money?? I started following along with her because I wanted to find cheaper diapers, or at least a way to get cheaper diapers.

Walgreen's is great. They have great sales, and they let you stack their coupons with manufacturer coupons. In essence, sometimes you are able to get FREE stuff. For instance, last week, I purchased 4 Oust Sanitizers for FREE. Here is how. Walgreen's had Buy One Get On Free on the Oust Sanitizers, then I had 2 Buy Get One Free Coupons....SO once the Oust scanned it showed that I had purchased 2, then she scanned the coupons, and the coupons both took off the price of 1 Oust, so Voila Free Air Sanitizer!

This week, Walgreen's was having some awesome Sales! They have some offers where you purchase so much of a few combinations of items you get Register Rewards back. All Register Rewards are is Cash Back on your next in store purchase. The trick here is to Purchase these items, then put those bags in your cart and pull up your next items and use your RR on the next round. This week I had 5 Rounds. I have $15 RR left over from my trip yest, so I plan on using these on necessity items tomorrow such as Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and DIAPERS!

Another Key is to take out the Complete Coupon Inserts out of each Sunday Paper. It is also good to have at least 2-3 sets. I prefer to have at least 3 sets of each insert per week. I write on the front of the insert which week its from, so that when I access some of the free online sites it is easy to tell which week and which insert the coupon came from.

SO Here is my rundown of what I bought at Walgreens. I have listed the sale price and what coupon was used etc. Any questions please let me know!!

Round 1
(1) Alka Seltzer Cold $5
(1) Neo-Synephrine $5
(1) Aleve Caplets $5
(1) Aleve D $5
Coupons all come from SS 1/04 all have $1 off each – Total 4 Coupons
Also need Rebate form from SS 1/04
Total - $20 - $5 coupons = $15 due
Get Back $10 RR and around $8 rebate +Tax

Round 2
(4) Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.99 each Coupon 0.50 off 2
(2) Skippy Peanut Butter $1.99 each Coupon 0.40 off 1
(2) Lipton Ice Teas $2.99 each Coupon 0.60 off 1
Coupons all come PG 1/18 I have 2 Ragus, 2 Skippys, and 2 Liptons
Total – $17.92 - $3 coupons = $14.92 - $10 RR = $4.92 due +Tax
Get Back $10 RR

Round 3
(2) Nyquil or Dayquil + Vit C $7 Coupon $1.5 off 1
(1) Vicks 44 $6 Coupon $1 Off 1
May have to throw in something extra for cheap
Coupons all come from PG 1/18
Total - $20 - $4 Coupons= $16 - $10 RR = $6 due +Tax
Get Back $10 RR

Round 4
(5) 12 Pack Pepsis $15
(4) 2 Liter Pepsi’s $5
Total - $20 - $10 RR = $10 +Tax
Get Back $10 RR

Round 5
(1) Olay Body Wash $4.99 Coupon $1 off 1
(1) Head & Shoulders Shampoo 5.99 Coupon $1 off 1
(2) Gillette Disposible Razors 5.99 Coupon B1G1F
Coupons all come from PG 1/18
Total $22.96 – 7.99 Coupons = 14.97 - $10 RR = 4.97 +tax
Get Back $5 RR

I believe somewhere in my shopping trip I forgot to use one of my RR, so instead of having just $5 RR left over I have $15 but thats ok b/c we always need diapers. But I totaled up the Before Discount Prices on all my receipts and the total came to $140.07. My Actual Purchase Price was $45.28 for a savings of 68%!!!

To Me this was AWESOME. I have never gotten a car load of groceries for $45.

Here are some websites I look at frequently!

Again, any questions let me know. I will be happy to share this bit of info with you!!!

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